Business Cards Business cards or what the internet can not do

Business cards or what the internet can not do

Do you feel that business cards are an outdated marketing strategy, an outpouring that has lost its functionality at the time of the Internet? Do you think that in a situation where almost everyone has Smart Phony and is online twenty-four hours a day, is it gifted to give potential customers and business partners paper cards? If you share this opinion, then we may have surprising information for you – not only are business cards still “in”, they even seem to be essentially irreplaceable.

• Good old paper and pen

One of the main benefits of business cards is that individual pieces of information can be copied with other details and other notes that will be useful in the future. For example, if you want the client to know that it is important for you, make a personal mobile phone when you pass on a business card. This may contact you outside the classroom. You can also refer to a business card when and where you met. This will remind you who you are and why the person in question has your business card in your wallet.

• Social networking

Apart from what you give away , what business card is no less important where and when. For business cards, remember especially in situations like parties or “beer” after working in the bar. Although the handing out of business cards may seem at first sight to be “harassing” people who have primarily come to enjoy the entertainment, the opposite is true. It’s just time out of work, when people finally have the time to look at their own “business”: for example, finding a new and larger flat in the city center or a photographer at a wedding or planning a holiday at the seaside. This is especially the so-called “social networking” through which most of the business transactions take place. Of course, when handing out business cards, you need to be careful and not too aggressive, but handing out business cards is a very useful and virtually irreplaceable helper in environments that are not primarily designed for trading.

• Original and unique business card

Also, remember that a business card is not just a neutral way to send your contact details, but also your advertising (it is not in vain to say in Czech that it is “your business card”). For this reason, all data should be listed correctly and without overheating. It is also less important to have the data that is up to date on the business card. But what distinguishes contact details in the form of from a classic business card is that the business card allows you to visually distinguish from other competitors’ business cards on the market, thus distinguishing your business from other competitors. An interesting and original business card will remember customers – and that’s exactly what we are doing in business.