Finance Tip for a ten millionth investment

Tip for a ten millionth investment

Maybe you do not like stocks or real estate and prefer to invest in non-publicly traded companies. I have a tip for an interesting company that just these days is asking for capital that will enable it to start its already successful business and, above all, allow them to expand abroad. 

I visited the company personally in Prague and had everything to show and explain within two hours. It is a technology company and I find it exceptionally skillful. They can produce fuel for cars from waste and at a very low price. Other things can produce better than the Chinese and at the same time cheaper. And they have a number of other interesting projects that I will not describe here. 

$ 10 million is the 50% cost of a company, and this investment is currently outside my financial capabilities, but I know a lot of people have that money at their disposal. I can imagine that maybe two or three investors will join . So if I talk about physical persons. Of course, another company may be a strategic investor.